Capt. Mike's Aqua Dream Rods

The Mike Hakala “Aqua Dream” Signature Series represents a major breakthrough in co-operative business and manufacturing. For the first time, Seeker Fishing Rods and American Tackle Company have partnered to bring a super high quality graphite fishing rod to the US Market. Captain Mike Hakala has always sought the very best products to endorse and to manufacture. His line of Aqua Dream Living products includes some of the finest inshore lures available on the market today. His continual innovation has made it necessary to also find the best rod to do the job.

Seeker Fishing Rods is proud to introduce the Captain Mike Hakala “Aqua Dream” signature series for 2014. They are priced to meet the market. They utilize the highest quality and most innovation componentry available manufactured by American Tackle Co. They are built on the highly regarded Bushido series of blanks manufactured of high grade Japanese manufactured carbon tape. They utilize the Microwave system on all rods, spinning and casting with the exception of the two heaviest rods designed for snook, tarpon, and near shore fishing. These heavier rods have a large ring cone of flight set of guides for situations where you need to pass a heavy fluorocarbon connection through the upper guides and tip.

Captain Mike has put a significant effort into laying out these rods for fishing very specific techniques. Not only will you love the price, but you will love the performance. Check with your local Aqua Dream Spoon dealers for these rods.

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