Flats Candy Floating Jigs

Back by Popular Demand Capt. Mikeís Original Flats Candy ô

Flats Candy Minnows and Poppers are unique foam head jigs designed to suspend just below or float on the waters surface. The Popper is what the name implies, a soft bodied surface popper. Twitch it, pop it, swim it! The popping head joined with a swimming tail make an irresistible combination that fish find hard to resist. Change the color of your lure simply by changing the tail.

The Flats Candy Minnow head is made of foam also but not enough foam to float. Instead it is a slow sinking lure that is close to being neutral buoyant. Fish it just under the surface or suspend over an oyster bar, the Flats Candy Minnow will stay in the strike zone longer producing more and harder strikes.

TIP: For best results fish Flats Candy slow. Use a slow steady retrieve or with sharp twitches of the rod tip making the lure dart back and forth resembling a wounded bait fish.

TIP: Although designed for salt water, fresh water fisherman have found the lure to be very effective in both shallow water or on a drop shot for a variety of fresh water species.

TIP: I recommend using our 3 inch mullet tails rigged as shown with our Flats Candy heads, however donít be afraid to experiment with other tails. You may just find a deadly combination all your own.

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